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Fonix Lashes is an eyelashes manufacturer with physical factory in China.

Our product line is mainly about strip lashes: such as regular mink lashes, synthetic lashes, 3D mink lashes, 3D silk lashes, faux mink lashes etc. In 2022 we have added new product line of cluster. All the steps of eyelashes producing are made by our own factory. Quality and delivery time will be strictly controlled by our company.

Our strengths are:
1. Design Ability: Customized styles could be supplied. Unique lash styles could be designed or produced as per customers' idea or sketch.
2. Quality Control: All parts of lashes are made by ourselves, Quality of each pair of lashes could be guaranteed.
3. Fast Delivery: All stages of lash production are controlled by our own company, so clients could monitor every steps of eyelashes production.

Welcome to contact us for more information, hope to achieve a mutually beneficially agreement with all our potential clients.

Lashes Certification

Our lashes have passed the testings done by the famous testing company- SGS group, got the MSDS reports of mink lashes and silk lashes, we also have got FDA number for US market.

Lash Testing Report-1
Lash Testing Report-2
Lash Testing Report-3
Lash Testing Report-4

Fonix Will Supply You The Best Lashes

Regular Mink Lashes

Mink lashes is made from real animal hairs. Their lengths are from 13mm to 17mm. The curvature of the lash hairs is same. It fits daily use. Wearing effect is nature, light and comfortable.

3D Mink Lashes

This kind of mink lash occurs in 2015, is rapidly popular in the makeup market. 3D mink lashes is upgraded version of regular mink lashes. They have multiple hair layers. The rich layering gives the wearers an attractive makeup with charming eyes. This series has all kinds of lengths to meet consumers' various needs.

Faux Mink Lashes

For the purpose of animal cruelty-free, faux mink lashes come into being. The lashes are made from fibers, the shape of these fibers is close to real hairs. It to some extend could replace the real mink lashes. If you care about animal protection but also want to enjoy the wearing with mink lashes, faux mink lashes is a pretty good choice.

Synthetic Lashes

Synthetic lashes is produced with fibers. Because of its fibers' feature, these lashes have orderly lash arrangement. It's sold very well in low-end market. These lashes are the ancestor for all present lashes.

Silk Lashes

Silk lashes is also made from fibers, however, these fibers have different components, compared to synthetic lashes. They are softer, lighter and more gentle touching. It is same to mink lashes , they have a same degree of curvature.

3D Silk Lashes

3D silk lashes used the same material as silk lashes. Touching feeling is also same. Their difference is the wearing effect. 3D silk lashes has different curvatures. Hairs are at different levels. This provides a sexy, nature eyes makeup. At the same time, it is totally animal cruelty-free.

Latest Eyelashes

Many Lashes Styles Are Waiting For You!

Why Choose Fonix As Your Partner

Free Samples

Free Samples
Before our lash cooperation, we will courier free eyelash samples to your company quickly for quality testing and consideration of wearing effect. Shipping fee is also free to you. Know More.

Delivery Guarantee

Delivery Guarantee
The whole production schedule is arranged by ourselves. Because all parts of eyelashes are produced by ourselves, we could plan the production progress as per the emergency of lash orders. Know More.

Quality Garantee

Lash Quality Guarantee
From raw material to the finished lashes, all are made by our company, we control their quality. Meanwhile, each part of eyelashes could be produced or adjusted as per customers' requirements. Know More.

Free Design & Artwork

Free Design & Artwork
Do you want a unique pair of lashes which is owned only by you? If you just have a concept or idea about it? Let us know and we could realize it. Know More.

Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Shipping
For small orders, We use top courier companies to ship your orders quickly, such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, EMS etc. For big bulk orders, sea shipping or air freight will be adopted. Know More.

Expert Advices

Expert Advises
We know everything about the production of strip eyelashes and printing of lash cases, let us your idea, we will handle the rest of them. Know More.

Fonix-Lashes Accessories

Lashes accessories and packages could be provided as well.

Service Included: Color-stamping; Color-printing;
Accessories include: tweezers, glue, all kinds of boxes and their colorful bottom cards.

Tell us your idea about your lash packages or design sketch, we will supply one-stop shopping service with lowest price. Contact Us!

What Our Clients Say To Us

I absolutely love these lashes. I received so many compliments in person and online. I used them on myself and a client because I’m a freelance makeup artist. My client loved them as well. Another thing I love is that they’re REUSABLE!!!!!! I’ve used them 5 times already. 5 star rating from me and I will be purchasing again.
                                                                                                                                                                         ---Shannon Nicole

These are fire! I ordered these for my birthday. Didn’t know what to expect, but they came as shown in the images. They are fluffy long and gorgeous. Trim the outer ends to fit your eyes and you’re all set! Love these. Very dramatic. If you’re looking for something subtle, these are not for you.

The lashes are very pretty! They fit my eye shape perfectly and they make my eyes pop in the most perfect way, especially when I'm wearing a mask. Depending in the type of person you are, they're perfect on a daily basis or a night out!! The shipping was also very fast. Definitely ordering again!!
                                                                                                                                                                                  ---Melanie X.

I love these ! The price is right and the quality is awesome, I will purchase again . All my friends love these and I get compliments when I wear them . Please continue to keep the quality this good and I will continue to buy 🙂

This is my second time ordering from this company and I absolutely LOVE their lashes. They have so much volume and the quality is very good. Very light weight and got so many compliments on them. These are beautiful!
                                                                                                                                                                       ---Jaquayla Thomas

I love these lashes !! definitely my new favorite i get complimented on them at work all the time my customers, just the amount of dramatic i need.

Hands down one of the best lashes I’ve bought. They are SUPER light weight that you can’t even feel them, that means you can definitely wear them comfortably throughout the day. The band isn’t too thin or too thick & if you know how to apply lashes on good enough, you can hardly see the band at all. They are soft and definitely “fluffy” as described. Amazing overall & will be ordering again soon.
                                                                                                                                                                               ---Nina Teleb

I love these lashes so much! they’re full and they’re fluffy, not to mention they’re actually mink unlike other lashes are made and look plastic. i definitely will be ordering again. im actually planning on buying bulk for my business.

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