25MM Mink Lashes

25mm mink lashes is the hottest lashes in recent years. Its length reaches 25mm or more higher, so it called be "25mm mink lashes" in total. At here, various lashes styles with good quality could be supplied at competitive price.


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  1. Many hot lash styles which are kept pace with beauty trend.
  2. Flexible cooperation methods, such as small trial order, drop shipping, OEM, small wholesale, customized logo etc.
  3. To arrange orders into production schedule on time, meanwhile to ship them on time.
  4. All production of lashes are controlled by our own factory to guarantee the lash quality.
  5. To provide competitive price to help clients' lash business.

Hottest 25mm mink lashes

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    25mm Mink Lashes Ultimate Guide 2021-Fonix Lashes

    25mm mink lashes, also called 25mm Siberian mink lashes, is a newcomer in the eyelashes industry. It came into market in 2019, generally accepted by customers in 2020 and it will be continuously popular in the coming years. Because eyelashes are rapid developed in recent years, many new categories are coming out, along with this there are many new lash names. Are you confused with these lashes? Do not know which one is you actually want? Let us explain them all for your deep understanding. First is 25mm Mink Lashes. Here we go!

    Chapter 1. What is 25mm Mink Lashes?

    25mm mink lashes is an upgraded derivative lashes of regular mink lashes. From the aspect of lash shape, 25mm mink lashes is the extension of natural lashes (13mm-18mm) in length, which means the hair length of lashes reaches 25mm, this kind of eyelashes is being called 25mm mink lashes. From the aspect of wearing affect, it is more gorgeous, dramatic, could further highlight the effect of eye makeup and elevate overall makeup. 25mm mink lashes is made from real Siberian mink hairs which is a kind of real animal hairs. Through Chinese workers' laboring with hand-made craft, animal hairs will be made into various 25mm mink lash styles for your choice.

    Chapter 2. What Are the Features of 25mm Mink Lashes?

    From above the description of 25mm mink lashes, some external characteristics could be concluded:

    1. Made from real animal hairs.

    2. Made by hand not machine.

    3. Enhancing the effect of make-up.

    4. Various lashes styles.

    Except those characteristics, what deep features they have? We have found some features of 25mm mink lashes, but what other deep features they have? Let us keep digging! Above features are features on the surface of 25mm mink lashes, actually they have more important features, some functional features.

    From the production process aspect, 25mm Mink Lashes has two kinds of bands. One is black cotton band which is usually used in the production of lashes. The other one is invisible band, which is made by transparent and plastic strings. No matter black cotton band or transparent invisible band, the wearing feeling of both of them are light based on the mature production technology now.

    From the presentation effect aspect, perfect 3D effect gives the lashes a kind of beauty of mess with multiple layers of hairs. To some extent, it nears the condition of real human beings' lash hairs, after all our hairs are free growing without any rules, this kind of mess is closer to reality.

    From the production technology aspect, the curvature of 25mm mink lashes could further enhance the beautiful effects of wearing and makeup. Compared to Asian people, European, American and Middle Eastern people are more suitable to wear 25mm mink lashes. Why? Because their facial features are more solid and the eye sockets are more concave, the longer eyelashes fit their eyes more, and highlight their eye makeup further, accordingly their whole beauty and charming feeling will be revealed.

    Finally, the whole features of 25mm mink lashes are:

    1. Made from animal hairs upgraded its class

    2. Made by hands not machine ensure its relative uniqueness

    3. combined with two kinds of bands to meet different requirements

    4. Emulational wearing effect with multiple layers of hairs

    5. Beautiful curl to decorate the eyes

    6. Great enhancement to further elevate the whole makeup

    7. All sorts of lash styles to be adopted as per occasion

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