3D Mink Lashes

3D Mink Lashes is a hot upgraded series of mink lashes in recent years in makeup marketplace. It has been very popular since 2015. 3D mink lashes was famous because of some big KOLs' recommendations, at the same time, these KOLs are getting more successful because of it. Most of them still focus on lashes business now, make themselves reaching a higher career summit.

3D mink lashes is different from the traditional eyelashes, they have multiple layers of hairs, and the hairs are more flexible, natural and friendly touching. Through production technology, the final finished 3D mink lashes gives wearers a charming, sexy, animated eyes makeup.

Our company has mature production technology of 3D mink lashes, could artificially control every production indexes of eyelashes, such as curvature of hairs, laying sense of eyelashes etc. Specific requirements about lashes' indexes could be realized or adjusted by us. Meanwhile because all steps of eyelashes production is made by our own factory, strict control on every part of eyelashes could be available. This self-owned production procedure guarantees the shipping on time to our customers' hands. Fonix has the confidence to be your great eyelashes business supplier.

With the development of 3D mink lashes in recent years, there are two main types: one is 13mm to 17mm long 3D mink lashes and the other is 25mm to 30mm long 3D mink lashes. Among all of them luxury 3D mink lashes 25mm are sold very very very well recently. No matter 13mm to 17mm mink eyelashes or 25mm to 30mm mink eyelashes, their material and production technology are same, just different at length of material.

Below we will introduce features of 3D mink lashes for your deep comprehension.

3D Mink Lashes features

A. Very soft cotton band makes your wearing comfortable (Black or Transparent band)

B. Outstanding multiple hair layers in good order, beautiful 3D effect.

C. Real animal hairs gives wearers a light, gentle, natural feeling.

D. Handmade crafts avoid eyelashes being rigid and stiff.

E. Over 30 times usage under a gentle wearing with great quality.

In order to provide a superior 3D mink eyelashes to our customers, we always require ourselves to focus on quality. Quality is the base to win the trust of clients and guarantee to stand in makeup industry forever.

Our 3D mink lashes is checked several times during their production and before shipping. All these steps are done to ensure each pair of the bulk eyelashes are great when our clients get them.

13MM-17MM 3D Mink Lashes

3D mink lashes with 13mm-17mm means the hairs of lashes are between 13mm to 17mm long. Generally speaking, the lengths are used in the following data, such as the height of inner corner of the eyelashes, the height of outer corner of the eyelashes and the height of the middle of the eyelashes. This series are usually applied in daily or light makeup.

25MM-30MM 3D Mink Lashes

25mm to 30mm 3D mink lashes means the height of the middle of eyelashes are between 25mm to 30mm. This kind of lashes are popular in 2019. It has longer hairs than usual 3D mink lashes. At the beginning, it was sold in small part of all sales, but recently it takes the main part. Longer 3D mink lashes are more popular in makeup market. Contact us for more details.

Fonix lashes will provide customers qualified 3D mink lashes to help you to promote lashes business further. Hundred thousands of lashes styles are available for you to choose. Moreover you tell us your ideas, demands of dream lashes, we take charge of realization of them (customized eyelashes  styles service). Finally to establish a win-win cooperation relationship together with our customers. All kinds of customers is important to us, no matter you are big cosmetics companies or small business sohos, we will try our best to serve you all well. For our customers' convenient Fonix does not have mini order quantity requirement, this will decrease the financial stress, inventory pressure to our customers. We are an eyelashes supplier with a flexible cooperation, for more information, welcome to contact us.

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