3D Silk Lashes

3D silk lashes similar to 3D mink lashes is a revolutionary version of silk lashes. Its raw materials are fibers which are made from a kind of chemical material-Polybutylene terephthalate, short name is PBT. 100% PBT makes the 3D silk lashes more softer, more lighter, and more natural feeling than regular silk lashes'. Because of the raw material characteristics, its weights of hairs could be artificially produced at any sizes, so if you want an eyelashes with mixed weights, that could be realized. This unique feature gives the diversity of design to eyelashes. Besides this characteristics, another feature of 3D silk lashes is multiple layers. This feature avoids eyelashes being inflexible, stiff and rigid. If you are senior makeup artists and are not satisfied with the eyelashes on the market, you could tell us your idea, send us your manuscript, we will handle to realize it for you.

The followings are the characteristics of 3D silk lashes:

  1. 100% PBT fiber material, more softer and lighter.
  2. Absolutely animal cruelty free.
  3. Black even, durable cotton band or transparent band.
  4. Premium 3D round effect, multiple layers.
  5. Different styles for every occasion of makeup.
3D Silk Lashes Features website

Same to 3D mink lashes, 3D silk lashes also has the different catalogs according to the length of eyelashes. 13mm to 17mm and 25mm to 30mm, but these just regular eyelashes styles. Length is just one of the design parts of eyelashes. If you have ideas about shape of lashes or patterns of lashes besides lashes' lengths, you could contact us, and tell us your design, we will make it for you! ( drawing sketchs or computer graphics both are OK)

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