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Fonix is an eyelashes manufacturer and supplier in China. Our main products are strip eyelashes.
We have a very professional team to produce eyelashes. 85% of workers have been working in lashes industry for 5-8 years. They are very skillful about eyelashes production. R&D department enables us to continuously develop new lash styles for the makeup market. Every year dozens of new styles will be launched to our clients at least. Meanwhile, we could also handle the lash design from the clients their own. Therefore, Customized service will be provided by us. This could supply our customers an unlimited possibilities for special eyelashes.
Production management, styles innovation, quick feedback. All are guaranteed our clients could be serviced comprehensively.
Fonix lashes is looking forward to cooperating with you and your esteemed company. Any needs or questions about lashes, please feel free contact us!

Fonix Factory

Factory View-Fonix Lashes

Workshop-Fonix Lashes

Workshop-Fonix Lashes

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Selling Directly From Lashes Factory

No Middle Companies Trade

Fast Shipping

All Lashes Produced By Our Own Factory

Strict Production Schedule

Quality Garanteed

Each Pair Of Lashes Is Been Checked

Every Stage Of Production Be Controlled

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