Cluster Brief Introduction:

Cluster false eyelashes is a new line of false eyelashes compared with the traditional false eyelashes-strip lashes. It has few styles before, but in 2022 there are many new styles were designed out and sold all over the world. With its convenience and flexibility, the market trend of cluster is increased  continuously.

Cluster eyelashes has the features of strip lashes and lash extension. It can be wore by ourselves with eyelashes glue like strip lashes do, no need to seek help from the professional eyelash technician in salon at expensive price, and its wearing style is flexible, we could wear 3-4 clusters or more clusters on one eyelashes at optional positions as what effect you want to show.

From the below picture, you could find its typical characters.

cluster application

Our OEM Service:

As a lashes manufacturer in China, based on our processing properties, we know what styles will be the potential trends in future, what new styles will be promoted and sold by traders. So if you have any ideas about eyelashes business, please feel free contact us, we will help you as much as we can.

If you have an idea about what lashes you want to import, we could produce them as per your requirements or sketches. Such as length, styles, materials and etc. Let's talk in details. contact us now!


cluster lengths
Cluster styles

Cluster Features:

  1. Material: Fibers or Mink hairs
  2. Craft: regular craft or 3D craft
  3. Wearing feeling: Flexible and easily like strip lashes
  4. Highlight: Final wearing effect like professional eyelashes technician done.

welcome to require samples or catalog.


Cluster Application Instruction:

Take off the cluster
cluster with glue
wear on the lashes

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