False Lashes vs Lash Extensions

False lashes vs lash extensions? It is the most common question that many beauties will face when making up. You may not know about these two kinds of false eyelashes. So you couldn't make the right choice according to your own makeup needs. Next, I will explain these two false eyelash products for your reference.

1. What are false lashes?

False eyelashes are strip lashes, which consist of two pairs of eyelashes on the left and right eyes. There are many styles of this false eyelash to match different eye shapes. Such as lash styles for mono-lid eyes, hooded eyes, almond eyes, upturned eyes, and down-turned eyes, etc.

The false lashes are designed to adjust the makeup according to the different eye shapes. So as to maximize the purpose of displaying the eye makeup effect.

False eyelashes have many kinds of raw materials. They are including chemical fiber, animal hair, and real human hair. Of course. Due to different raw materials and processing technologies. The final finished false eyelashes are not the same.

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2. What is lash extensions?

The finished products of lash extensions could be understood as one cluster by one cluster or one hair by one hair.

Because its wearing way is to stick false eyelashes on real eyelashes (that is, paste them on real eyelashes with glue). So the hairs of lash extensions should not be too thick or too heavy. This determines that the style of lash extensions is mainly one by one.

The material for lash extensions is mainly chemical fiber. Compared with the strip false eyelashes, his style is not so much.

false lashes vs lash

3. Advantages and disadvantages of falsies and lash extensions.

1) Advantages of false lashes.

  • You can choose the appropriate false eyelash style according to your own eye shape. And there are many styles, so there is a lot to choose from.
  • The price is cheap. Among the low-end chemical fiber to high-end animal hair, the false lashes' retail price range is within a few dollars (the price varies slightly from retailer to retailer in different areas).
  • It can be done by itself. If you do make-up by yourself at home, you can easily wear a pair of beautiful false eyelashes and then go out.
  • Suitable for many occasions. Because different occasions have different requirements for makeup. The most important eye makeup in makeup needs will be different. Whether you need refreshing and natural eye makeup or thick and heavy color eye makeup, you can find very suitable false eyelashes to match them.

2) Disadvantages of false lashes.

There are many advantages of false eyelashes, just like the advantages listed above. I personally think that its disadvantage is applying glue. Wearing false eyelashes with glue may cause the false eyelashes to be blown open or even blown off by the wind because of the weak adhesion of the glue. Therefore, in the choice of glue, we must pay attention to the quality

3) Advantages of lash extensions

  • lash extensions because of its operation principle. Each hair of lash extensions is pasted on our real eyelashes with a relevant professional glue. So lash extensions is firmer.
  • Another advantage is that even without any makeup, lash extensions will make us look very good, and natural and have more charming eyes. In daily life, if you don't like to make up, but want to highlight your eyes more vividly and beautifully. Lash extensions are a very good choice

4) Disadvantage of eyelash extension

  • The main disadvantage of eyelash extensions is that the cost is relatively high.
    Because lash extensions are to be pasted each cluster of false eyelashes on our real eyelashes with glue. We can't complete this operation by ourselves, so we need a skilled professional false eyelash planting technician to help us.
    This professional process involves labor costs. The costs are different in different places.
    Generally speaking, the existence of labor costs will lead to increase costs. Moreover, the service of lash extensions is a one-to-one service (VIP service). A technician can only serve one customer in a unit of time, so the labor cost cannot be shared by multiple customers in a unit of time. Therefore the cost of lash extensions is relatively high.
  • Another disadvantage is that lash extensions require maintenance. If the lash extensions fall off from your real eyelashes, you need to go to the salon where you did the lash extensions. And ask a professional technician to fix up the missing false eyelashes. Otherwise, the whole eyelashes will be particularly ugly because of the lack of some false eyelashes.

The above is a general introduction to the whole set of false lashes and lash extensions, including their advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, in view of the disadvantage of the strip false lashes, if you choose a better glue, this disadvantage will not be a disadvantage. Similarly, if you are financially well-off and have enough budget for your beauty expenses, the high cost of lash extensions will not be a problem.

Therefore, whether to choose false eyelashes or lash extensions depends on your actual situation.

4. False lashes vs lash extensions

According to the WeddingWire community, about false eyelashes or eyelash extensions. The feedback summary given by customers is that false eyelashes are the better to choose.

15 out of a total of 25 clients suggested choosing falsies. 6 suggested lash extensions, and the remaining 4 were neutral.

The reasons why they choose falsies s are summarized as follows:

  • The falsies are convenient to wear and easy to take off and clean.
  • The falsies are cheap and have many styles.
  • False lashes reduce the possibility of eye infection.
  • The false eyelashes have little effect on eye makeup.

For example, we usually wear false eyelashes after finishing our eye makeup. However, lash extensions have been planted lashes on real eyelashes in advance. Eye makeup is carried out later. In this process, eye shadow, liquid foundation, bronzer, etc will be scattered on lash extensions. This will cause a mess.
Another point is that mascara is not recommended for lash extensions, because it cannot be cleaned after using mascara.

For the above reasons, the customer chose the strip false eyelashes.

As a false eyelash manufacturer, we are willing to share the use scenarios and application of different false eyelashes from an objective point of view and to provide suggestions from customers' real feedback, so that everyone can choose the most suitable false eyelashes according to their own needs.

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