Faux Mink Lashes

Faux mink lashes is a fiber version of 3D mink lashes. Their raw material is black fibers, not real animal mink hairs. Their shape of material is similar to the real animal hairs, therefore the eyelashes which are made from this kind of fiber material is called faux mink lashes. This type of lashes come into being for the reason of animal cruelty free, some customers are care about animal protection, so do not use products which are made from animal products, but they need beauty as well. Chinese eyelashes vendors pay attention on every clients' demands, hence this particular eyelashes are come out. As a professional faux mink lashes vendor, many styles could be available for you to adopt. Contact us for more information and best quote.

Faux mink lashes has features little different from 3D mink lashes:

  1. Totally animal cruelty free, made from fiber materials.
  2. Multiple layers effect, unartificial curling feeling.
  3. Handmade craft makes eyelashes an natural looking.
  4. Light, soft black cotton band gives a gentle feeling for wearing. Transparent band is also available.
Faux Mink Lashes Features

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