Five Hottest 25mm Mink Lashes In 2021

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25mm mink lashes is very hot in the makeup market. It is a stage result of development of eyelashes. After several years of false eyelashes development. There are many styles in the eyelash market. This new improvement, this new false eyelash improvement, immediately aroused the love of customers. Everyone is already tired of aesthetic appreciation of the style of false eyelashes. So at the end of 2018, a new kind of false eyelashes appeared on the market, that is, the lengthened false eyelashes-25mm long eyelashes.

3D mink false eyelashes in 2015 were invented. After three years of development, three-d false eyelashes have been in a bottleneck state. Everyone's styles are similar and common, and then customers are accustomed to the styles of false eyelashes. After three years of sale, any new styles in 2015 has also become the old models.

The demand of the market, the psychology of customers and the wishes of manufacturers all promote the generation of new eyelashes, new improvements of eyelashes.

At the end of 2018, when lengthened eyelashes began to appear among factories, many suppliers thought this style would not be popular because its length was much longer than that of ordinary eyelashes. What customers does she usually use with such lengthened eyelashes? No attention has been paid to this market, but at the beginning of 2019 it experienced a crazy and explosive growth, with many customers demanding 25mm long false eyelashes. Perhaps it is because the 25mm long false eyelashes are really hot selling, and then according to the feedback from the customers, the factory has invited to 25mm to 30mm long false eyelashes, to let customers have more adoptions for makeup wearing.

Seeing the explosive development of this type of eyelashes program, our factory also began to produce this kind of products. After less than half a year's development, it has passed the customer's verification feedback. Some eyelash styles were eliminated, but some eyelash styles were retained and sold unusually well in the market. So in this article, let's talk about which styles are the most popular In 2021 according to our own factory selling data.

1. 25mm Mink Lashes-LD02

25mm mink lashes LD02

2. 25mm Mink Lashes-LD12

25mm mink lashes LD12

3. 25mm Mink Lashes-LD22

25mm mink lashes LD22

4. 25mm Mink Lashes-LD11

25mm mink lashes LD11 round

These five models are the best models on the market at present. According to our export situation, our own sales situation and the sales situation of our peers, we have selected these 5 best-selling styles for your reference. I hope you can choose your favorite false eyelashes according to your own preferences and uses.

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