Flare lashes as a traditional individual lashes are welcome by people for daily wear and special occasions.Its material usually from two kinds, one is real human hairs, the other is high-temperature silk fibers. Its styles are mainly two kinds: one is knot free, the other is with knot. and its craft is made by 100% hands, each cluster is tied by workers.

This year in 2022, flare has got an upgraded version. This updated version improves the traditional flare's production efficiency and wearing feeling to some extend. This brand new flare has three kinds(see below picture).

The first one is totally creation of flare. The other two borrow the production craft of strip lashes to apply on the flare production. All of them not only maintains the features of the traditional flare, but at the same time more importantly it decreases the labor requirement and increases the production quantity.

New Cluster Styles 2022
Flare individual eyelashes

New Version Features:

  1. Material: Softer than high-temperature fiber
  2. Craft: three kinds for customers to adopt
  3. Wearing feeling: more lighter and maintains the original natural makeup effect
  4. Highlight: No tied knot

This updated feature will improve the wearing feeling of flare.


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