How Long Do False Eyelashes Last?

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How long do false eyelashes last? There are different answers for two different eyelash categories.

For the classification of eyelashes extension, the time will be relatively long, and professional technicians think it can last for 4-6 weeks.

However, our factory mainly produces strip lashes, so we will not explain the problem of planting eyelashes in depth. We will focus on the knowledge of strip false eyelashes according to our professional direction, so here we only discuss the durability of wearing strip false eyelashes, not the durability of eyelashes extension.

Many factors affect the wearing time of false eyelashes.

Let's go through them in depth, see what kind of situation you belong to, and know how long your false eyelashes can last.

In terms of use, the durability of false eyelashes may be affected by the maintenance of users.

For example, if you wear false eyelashes for a day and violently remove false eyelashes when you go home to remove makeup, your use time will not be extended.

For example, after you finish a busy day's work and go home to remove false eyelashes, you don't clean them up. When you continue to use them the next day, clean the glue by hand and wipe the makeup residue with wet paper. The wearing time of false eyelashes will not be too long.

The above is about the problem of removing and cleaning, which leads to the short wearing time of false eyelashes, and is the analysis of the user side.

From the manufacturers' aspect, the factories usually use softer glue, and lighter, thinner threads to make the band of false eyelashes.

To improve the customers' experience of false eyelash wearing so that the wearer can't feel the foreign sensation on the eyelids after wearing false eyelashes as much as possible.

In this case, the maintenance of the wearer's false eyelashes will be of particular importance, because better products need finer care, just like leather clothes need finer care than T-shirts.

From the consumer and factory sides, we have analyzed some reasons that may affect the wearing time of false eyelashes.

If you want to wear false eyelashes for a long time, consider the above situations. To better maintain false eyelashes and to have a long wearing time, please consider them according to your situation.

As for the durability of false eyelashes, if they are used repeatedly, according to my customer's feedback, false eyelashes could be worn for six months if they are gently maintained.

The step they do is to remove false eyelashes carefully every day;
After removal, bathe the false eyelashes and clean up the makeup residue on them;
The last important step is to wipe the false eyelash stalk with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
This step aims to avoid bacteria and reduce the possibility of eye infection.

For a single-day use of false eyelashes, how long do false eyelashes last? Customer feedback is 4-5 days.

The influencing factor of single wearing time is usually glue. If the false eyelashes glue is sticky and we don't rub our eyes and interfere with false eyelashes, the wearing time can reach several days at a time.

In this case, I don't recommend wearing false eyelashes for a long time.

False eyelashes are an integral part of facial makeup in essence. Like liquid foundation, lipstick, and eye shadow, they are a makeup member.

Although their makeup form varies from other makeup members, their functions are the same. Will you rest and sleep every day without removing makeup?

Certainly not, because the skin on your face will tell you, I feel bad, I can't breathe, please help me take a bath quickly.

For false eyelashes, the eyelids are his skin, which has been covered with the glue of false eyelashes for a day, and he needs to take off the false eyelashes and let him breathe and relax.

Therefore, dear ones, if there are no particular circumstances, please remove false eyelashes every day.

Please enjoy this process, do it slowly, and be patient.

I know that some friends are anxious every time they remove false eyelashes. The more anxious they are, the worse they have done to removal. The worse they are, the less they want to remove false eyelashes, and they will become lazier and lazier.

You can take this time to rest after a tiring day and empty your mind to have a rest.

I hope my article can help everyone's doubts about how long false eyelashes last.

If you have any questions about false eyelashes, please feel free to contact us! We are pleasant to answer them.

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