How To Apply False Eyelashes?

How to apply false eyelashes is the first little skill that every beauty lady needs to learn.

Some people will say, wearing false eyelashes is so simple, does it need to be taught?! Brush the eyelash glue on the eyelash band, wait for the glue to dry, stick it on your eyelid, so you can wear it well! This simple and rude method is right and wrong.

For beauty enthusiasts, wearing false eyelashes is as simple as eating and sleeping, because they have practiced hundreds of times and inadvertently mastered various wearing tips;

But for ordinary girls who have just started to make up, or even girls who have not started to make up, it will feel impossible to start with such simple things.

If they don't wear false eyelashes properly, and after several failures, they give up wearing false eyelashes, so they no longer wear false eyelashes by themselves or pay a makeup artist to help them wear false eyelashes only on important occasions.

If so, what a pity it is! You will miss the opportunity to make yourself more beautiful! Because false eyelashes are the finishing touch of makeup!

1. Preparation for wearing false eyelashes

There are many methods and precautions for how to wear false eyelashes, and I will teach you everything in detail.

Before starting to wear false eyelashes, please prepare a mirror that is not particularly small, a pair of tweezers, an eyelash curler, a small pair of scissors (please note: not the big scissors used in life), and a bottle of glue!

Some people may say, aren't these nonsense? Who didn't know these tools were needed to wear false eyelashes! What I want to say is that this preparation really needs a special explanation, because sometimes it is about to start wearing false eyelashes, only to find out that you don't have a mirror, and went through the boxes and cabinets again to find a mirror. So, my dears, please follow the suggested steps I said and start preparing.

tools for how to apply false eyelashes

2. how to apply false eyelashes step by step.

2.1 The first step is to take off false eyelashes from the tray.

First use tweezers to remove the false eyelashes from the tray. It is best not to use your hands here, because the fingers are thicker and inflexible than tweezers, and it is easy to tear or deform the eyelashes.
Use tweezers to clamp the eyelash band on one side of the false eyelashes and slowly remove it from the eyelashes tray.

2.2 The second step is to remove the glue on the false eyelashes.

There is usually a layer of glue on the eyelash band which is applied by the false eyelash manufacturer to fix the false eyelashes on the eyelash tray.
When wearing false eyelashes, the glue on the band is useless, so you need to clean it up before wearing it.

But before dealing with this glue, there are two little tricks that need to be done first:

The first trick is to stick the two ends of the false eyelashes together with uncleaned glue and leave them for a while. The purpose of this is to make the curvature of the eyelashes smaller.

The second trick is to hold the two ends of the false eyelashes with both hands, squeeze and shake them toward the middle, the purpose of this is to soften the band of the false eyelashes;

The purpose of these two tips is to make false eyelashes more comfortable and fit to our eyelid.
What's more important is when this step is done well, making the false eyelashes fit your eyelids better, which will basically reduce the occurrence of false eyelashes falling off from the corner of the eyelid.

After the above steps are completed, we can use our nails to clean up the glue that was originally used for fixing on the false eyelashes. In this way, the preparation of false eyelashes before wearing is completed.

As for the problem of applying glue on eyelash band to fix eyelash on eyelash tray, now our false eyelash manufacturers have made improvements. We will with dispersion glue method to fix false eyelash on eyelash tray, and there is even a glue free way at present, so the problem of taking glue from eyelash band will be more and more simple in the future.

2.3 The third step is to trim false eyelashes.

Because everyone's eye length is different all over the world, in order to meet everyone's needs to the greatest extent, the false eyelashes produced by our false eyelash manufacturers usually use the maximum eye length as the production length, which is usually 35mm.

In view of the above reasons, before wearing false eyelashes, we need to put the false eyelashes to be measured on our eyes to see if the length is appropriate and whether it is necessary to trim them.

Usually we set the position of the inner eyeball as the starting position of the false eyelashes. Take the end of your eye as the end of the false eyelashes. Trim the false eyelashes that will be worn at this length.

The small scissors prepared in advance for this step will come in handy, remember that it is best to use scissors for makeup, not scissors in life, after all, you can't use a cloth scissors to cut small false eyelashes!

2.4 The fourth step is to glue the false eyelashes.

In the second step, we've cleaned up the glue for fix purpose on the false eyelashes, then clamped the front part of the false eyelashes with the tweezers we prepared in advance, opened the false eyelash glue, and started to glue on the false eyelashes with glue brush.

This smearing position of glue is also required. In order to perfectly present the finishing touch effect of false eyelashes, the glue of false eyelashes must be applied to the upper end of the false eyelashes band!

Usually we ignore this small detail. We think that the glue can be applied to the inner side of the false eyelash band, but in fact, we should not only apply it to the inner side, but more importantly to the upper side of the band.

Because with this treatment, the wearing of false eyelashes will be more suitable for the eyelids, and the false eyelashes with glue on the upper side will stick to our eyelids, so that the position of the false eyelashes can be adjusted, and the false eyelashes will appear in a natural horizontal position. Instead of facing down, the false eyelashes will show off her curl and make our makeup look more beautiful.

After the glue application position is explained, we also need to mention the amount of glue applied on the false eyelashes by the way.

To stick the false eyelashes on the eyelids without falling off, too little glue is definitely not suitable, because the false eyelashes with European and American style use more fiber materials in the production process; some high-class false eyelashes even use real animal hair for production, then the overall weight of a false eyelashes is actually relatively heavy, although it is relatively small.

In this case, too little glue will definitely not be able to bear such a weight, which will cause the false eyelashes to fall off and the occurrence of curled corners.

Therefore, we need to apply more glue on the entire band of the false eyelashes, especially the two ends of the corners of the false eyelashes.

Of course, in addition to the dosage problem, the quality of the glue itself will also affect the effect of the paste. The false eyelash glue provided by our company can solve the above problems very well.

The raw materials used in the false eyelash glue of our company are pharmaceutical grade, which can better prevent and reduce the probability of skin allergies.

At the same time, this glue material is water-soluble and can be washed off with warm water. It is somewhat different from the oil-based glue on the market. Very mild and not irritating.

Another feature that is most easily identified by everyone is that there is no strange smell.

After the glue application is completed, we wait for the false eyelash glue to be semi-dry and translucent, and then ready to be wore.

glue application position for how to apply false eyelashes

2.5 The fifth step is to wear false eyelashes.

In this step, we will explain how to wear false eyelashes in detail.
We have trimmed false eyelashes according to our eye length, applied false eyelash glue , and then took out our prepared mirror and eyelash curler.

2.5.1. The first step is to slightly curl your real eyelashes with an eyelash curler.

The purpose of this is that after wearing false eyelashes, the real eyelashes will not be layered with the false eyelashes together. (The false eyelashes are on the top, the real eyelashes are on the bottom, and there is a space in the middle, so the makeup is not good. We need to curl our real eyelashes to match the curve of the false eyelashes.)

How to curl our real eyelashes with an eyelash curler? Put all our real eyelashes into the eyelash curler, use the top of the eyelash curler against your upper eyelid, pay attention to lift your wrist upwards, and clamp the eyelashes a little bit hard.
(There are some pictures about curling eyelashes in my last passage about how to wear cluster eyelashes that you can click on for reference)

2.5.2. The second step is to apply mascara.

Apply a thin layer of mascara to your real lashes. after putting on the false eyelashes and It is convenient to let the real eyelashes and the false eyelashes stick together.

2.5.3. The third step is to put on false eyelashes.

Before wearing false eyelashes, make sure that the glue on the false eyelashes is semi-dry, and then use eyelash tweezers to clamp the middle of the front section of the false eyelashes.

First paste the middle part of the false eyelashes on the middle of the eyelid, down to the position of the eyelid at the root of the real eyelashes, which is also the position where your eyelash tweezers clamp the false eyelashes. That is to say, the center position of the false eyelashes clamped by the eyelash tweezers is the corresponding center position of the false eyelashes on the eyelid.

After finding the center position, fix the tail of the false eyelashes with your hands and stick to the tail of the corresponding eyelid, clamp the head of the false eyelashes with tweezers, and stick to it the head of the corresponding eyelid. Hold the false eyelashes on the eyelid for a while before letting go.

After wearing false eyelashes, look in the mirror to see how the overall effect of your false eyelashes is and whether it meets your requirements.
Use the pen holder of the eyeliner to push the top of your real eyelashes vertically, so that it sticks with the false eyelashes together due to the effect of mascara, showing a fusion effect.

At the beginning of wearing, the false eyelashes may not stick to the right position of the eyelid at the root of the real eyelashes. It doesn't matter, just draw it with an eyeliner, so that the gap can be integrated with the eyeliner and cover it.
Try to wear false eyelashes a few more times and find the feeling of wearing them, and you will wear them better and more smoothly.

The above method is the primary wearing method of false eyelashes, and does not include professional makeup techniques such as by adjusting the placement of false eyelashes to adjust the corners of the eyes consequently. I hope the above basic methods of wearing false eyelashes can help you and give you some reference.

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