How To Clean False Lashes?

"How to clean false lashes?" is the most question asked by beginners of makeup lovers. We will explain them step by step to help you get it easily.

Ⅰ. Why clean false lashes

False eyelashes are an essential beauty tool for makeup. As a beauty lover, wear makeup and false eyelashes for a long time. Then false eyelashes may be a big expense for you. If your false eyelashes are still of high-end quality and expensive to buy, then the cost will be even more.

Now that the economic situation is depressing. Some people will definitely care about how to use false eyelashes more cheaply. In this article, I will introduce how to clean false eyelashes. In order to use false eyelashes more times, increase the use time of false eyelashes, and reduce the cost for everyone.

Ⅱ. The best way to clean false eyelashes

The best way to clean false eyelashes is to use professional products. Use eye and lip makeup remover, cotton swabs, and cotton pads to help you clean false eyelashes better and more simpler. I will explain the steps in detail below.

Ⅲ. Tools needed to clean fake lashes

  • Eye and lip makeup remover.
  • Tweezers.
  • A small bottle like an eye cream bottle.
  • Several cotton pads
  • Three cotton swabs.
  • and some medical alcohol.
how to clean false lashes with tools

Ⅳ. Steps to clean false lashes

  1. Pour the proper amount of eye lip makeup remover into an empty bottle. The amount is better to cover false eyelashes.
  2. Put the ready-be-cleaned false eyelashes into a bottle with eye and lip makeup remover. Leave them in it for 5-10 minutes.
  3. When the time is up, open the vial, and you will find some makeup residue floating in the liquid. Take out the soaked false eyelashes with tweezers and put them on the cotton pad prepared in advance.
  4. Place the false eyelashes upside down on the cotton pad. Press the front part of the false eyelashes with tweezers. Dip the eye and lip makeup remover in the small box with cotton swabs. and then wipe the band of the false eyelashes, and the softened glue will easily fall off.
    After cleaning the glue, press the band of false eyelashes with tweezers. Use a cotton swab that dips the makeup remover to clean the fibers of false eyelashes. Please pay special attention to the wiping direction. When wiping the fibers, the swab must wipe in the same direction along the extension direction of the fibers. and it is not allowed to wipe back and forth to avoid damaging the shape of false eyelashes.
  5. As in the previous step, clean the other fake eyelashes.
  6. After a pair of false eyelashes is cleaned for the first time. Start cleaning them for the second time by doing the same thing. The purpose of this is to clean the false eyelashes to the greatest extent.
  7. In the last step, I suggest that you can use a cotton swab which is dipped in medical alcohol to wipe the band and fibers of false eyelashes. The purpose of this step is to carry out a primary sterilization treatment on used false eyelashes. It is to avoid possible infection during later use.

The above seven steps are detailed steps of how to clean false lashes.

Ⅴ. Placement of false lashes after cleaning

After cleaning the false eyelashes, the band of the false eyelashes may not be in good curvature. It is more inconvenient for the next use. You can continue to place the false lashes on her matching false lash tray. You can use false eyelashes glue to stick false eyelashes on the tray after the glue dries.


Here, stick false eyelashes on the tray after the glue dries and becomes completely transparent. It is because the all-dry false eyelashes glue on the tray will not cause the movement of false eyelashes and can better fix false eyelashes.

The way of sticking false lashes here is different from sticking eyelashes on eyes. The glue for sticking eyelashes on the eyes is applied to the eyes when it is half dry. This is because when the glue is half dry, it is sticky and movable. After all, sticking eyelashes is not easy just one time, and needs to be adjusted. Semi-dry glue is more suitable for false lashes wearing.

Therefore, please pay attention to the different states of glue according to the above two different situations.

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