How to Own Your Private Label Eyelashes?

"If I want to do false eyelashes with my own private label, what should I do?" Start to do a false eyelash business, maybe you will have a similar problem. This article will explain the related contents of private-label eyelashes, hoping to help you.

We are a false eyelash manufacturer. Thus we will fully explain the steps of private label eyelashes. If the products are different, the steps may be different as well. But you can refer to the idea of private-label eyelashes. If you need private-label eyelashes, please feel free to contact us.

1. Private Label Lashes logo definition.

1.1 What is a lashes logo?

From the words, we could know the lashes logo is mainly about false eyelashes. You need to associate an icon for your false eyelashes to visualize your product and your business philosophy.

The logo can be broadly defined as the brand. The brand simply refers to consumers' awareness of your products. The brand is a kind of evaluation and cognition of an enterprise, its products, after-sales service, and cultural value. and it is also a kind of trust. The connotation of the brand is wider than a logo. But a logo is an external manifestation of the brand and the figuration of the brand. To put it simply, let others think of you at the first sight or hearing of this logo.

Please note The difference between logo and trademark:

Trademarks and logos are very similar. The logo is a sign. Logos will be called trademarks after being registered by the Trademark Office according to law.
Many forms can be registered as trademarks. Such as words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, color combinations, sounds, etc.
Usually, enterprises register brands as trademarks, which is convenient for consumers to identify.
In short, trademarks are logos protected by law.

1.2 Lashes Logo Types

  • Characters: You could use words, letters, pinyin, numbers, or combinations to create.
  • Features: The character is intuitive, easy to remember, and easy to call and publicize. Like: Dior

  • Graphics: refer to the lashes logo made up of planar or geometric patterns.
  • Features: This kind of logo has a wide range of subjects, and is not limited by language. People can understand its meaning as long as they know the graphics of logos.

  • Combination: refers to a lashes logo composed of words, figures, marks, numbers, etc.
  • Features: It is illustrated with pictures and texts. It sets off words with pictures or explains figures with words, echoing each other, vivid and eye-catching

1.3 Lashes logo functions

    • Guide consumers to recognize the brand.

This is the most important role of logos (trademark). It can distinguish your goods from other enterprise goods. and facilitate consumers to recognize brand shopping. If an enterprise does not have a logo or trademark. The consumers can't distinguish the source of goods from other enterprises.

    • Brand Protection

The brand is registered as a trademark, and the brand trademark is protected by law. No one can use the same or similar logo. Otherwise, it will be regarded as an infringement.

2. How to have your own private label eyelashes

2.1 Design a lashes logo

If your budget is adequate. You can hire a designer to design a lashes logo for you. According to your own ideas, requirements, and product characteristics.

But if your budget doesn't include icon design. It won't affect the development of the false eyelash business. You can use the icon generated online for free as your own false eyelash icon. Like this website:

Please be noticed that if you are a company seller, it is best to apply for a trademark directly, before operating false eyelash products. Because when the company starts new products, it will definitely invest heavily in marketing.

Products with trademarks will be more secure for brand building and brand protection later.

If you are a personal seller, you can adopt the logo first in the early stage. You could apply for the logo as a trademark as soon as possible after your sales market has a certain scale and a certain customer base. If you want to run the false eyelash business for a long time, a trademark is a final choice

2.2 Select Factory to customize a package of false eyelashes

1) Plant classification

After the lashes logo is confirmed, we need to find a factory to produce the logo on our product packaging. We need to find a factory that suits our situation.

What kind of lash factory is most suitable for you?

There are many false eyelash factories and traders in China. They provide false eyelashes and related services to customers all over the world. So among these suppliers, what kind of factory are you looking for to process your false eyelash?

Factories can be divided into three kinds. Large factories, medium-sized factories, and small factories of workshop types.

  • The general number of workers in large factories is one or two hundred. The production process can basically be fully covered. Their customers are generally international famous brands, international large cosmetics companies, large supermarket chains, etc.
  • The scale of medium-sized factories is generally dozens of workers. Their production process is the same as that of large factories. They can also basically cover all of the production steps. The customers are generally local brands, local makeup artists, importers, distributors, traders, etc.
  • Workshop-type small factories, the number of workers may be only a few people. They get business generally from large factories and medium-sized factories.

There is a cooperation mode of dispatching outgoing among these large, media, and small factories. After all, in any industry, no factory can completely produce independently. and they all cooperate with each other to support the development of an industry.

2) Advantages and disadvantages of different factories.

  • If your company is large enough, has independent brands, and has a certain popularity in the market. Then a big factory is a good choice for you. Your both have the same status, the communication will be more smooth. and mutual cooperation is to give full play to your both respective advantages.
  • Workshop need not be introduced too much. Their production chain is not fully equipped. They need to cooperate with other factories which handle some of the process. In order to complete the whole production process. Then there will be more unstable factors. For example, if the cooperated factory has its own orders that need to be finished, then the workshop's orders will generally be delayed accordingly. This will cause a delayed delivery.
  • For most ordinary customers, medium-sized factories will be a better choice. Their production process can be controlled by themselves. and their daily production capacity is enough to cover most orders in the market. The most important thing is that customers can communicate with them equally. At least customers will not be at a disadvantage psychologically. Their service attitude will be better.

My suggestion is that as long as you are not a mega cosmetics company, choosing a medium-sized factory is the best choice.

Above the content some of the customers may think I said is not true. They will say that everyone is looking for big factories to cooperate with! But in fact, big doesn't mean suitable! When you have dealt with suppliers of different types, you will find out how sincere my suggestions are.

3. Lashes logo on the package

The design of the lashes logo has been finished. The most suitable factory has also been found. and the rest is to communicate with the factory in detail and customize false eyelashes.

The private label lashes can be divided into style customization and packaging customization. If you just start the business of false eyelashes. It is enough that you focus on packaging customization. Style customization is more suitable for professional makeup artists. Mass customers don't need to consider style customization first.

1) Packaging classification

False eyelash packaging is different in types, materials, and so on. Commonly used packaging is divided into paper packaging and plastic packaging.

  • Paper packaging: including paper boxes and cardboard boxes.
  • Plastic packaging: including transparent rectangular boxes, transparent square boxes, round boxes, etc.

I will show you the pictures below.

If you purchase more than 500 boxes or 1000 boxes. When the paper packaging is been produced, your design will be printed directly on the boxes, including printing color, stamping, and so on. This step will be fully completed by the packaging factory. The packaging factory customizes the boxes, it requires a starting quantity. So if your purchase quantity is not low, you can directly let the packaging factory produce your false eyelash packaging. and the price will not be too high.

If your false eyelash purchase quantity is not large. and the budget is not high. If you can't store a lot of inventory in your hand, but want to start your false eyelash business. Then the following logo processing can be considered.

private label eyelashes boxes

2) Lashes logo craft

In the above situation, customers can choose the common package without logo printing. Then let the false eyelash manufacturer contact the corresponding factory to print your own logo on the common package. Just pay them a processing fee.

In this way, customers with low budgets can complete their own private-label lashes. and help them start their own false eyelash business journey!

The printing process on common packaging mainly includes:

Stamping and printing. These two processes can be completed in common boxes and common plastic boxes.

The above is an overview of how to have your own lashes logo.If you have any questions, please contact us.
We are a false eyelash manufacturer in China. We have nearly 40 skilled workers, who can produce 10,000 pairs of semi-finished false eyelashes and 4,000 pairs of finished products per day. If you need to customize your own false eyelashes, please contact us. We will provide solutions for your reference according to your needs.

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