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Are you troubled with this problem: don’t know how to wear cluster false eyelashes with tweezers.

1. About this question, I'll teach you how to put on this new false eyelashes-cluster.

1.1 First of all, we use the eyelash curler to curl our real eyelash up.

If our real eyelashes don't curl up after being clamped with eyelash curlers, we should first rule out whether the eyelash curler is unclean, which will affect the function of the curler. Therefore, no matter whether our eyelash curler is clean or not, we should wipe the eyelash curler clean with paper towels first before we wear eyelashes. Then we start to use eyelash curler and put our real eyelashes, real upper eyelashes, all in the eyelash curler. Then put the top of the eyelash curler against our eyelids and lift our wrist up. Because of this operation, eyelash curler will not clip our eyelids and will not get hurt! Let the eyelash curler clamps the every part of the whole length of our real eyelashes and move the curler slowly from bottom to the top of our real eyelashes. This method will make own real eyelashes curling up.

Curl Eyelashes Steps

In the same way, clip your lower eyelashes with eyelash curler. Significantly, when clamping eyelashes, press them down and then turn them out, so as not to clamp your lower eyelids.

Curl Lower Eyelashes Steps

1.2 The step 2, use our mascara to brush our real eyelashes which have been curled just now, and properly decorate and thicken our real eyelashes.

After brushing mascara, use eyelash curler to clip the real eyelashes that have been brushed with mascara again, and clip both the upper and lower eyelashes again. Repeatedly clip your real eyelashes to ensure that after wearing false eyelashes, the real eyelashes fit better with false eyelashes in effect.

Above steps have finished the basic part of eyelashes wearing!

Now next we will get into the part of the wearing of cluster false eyelashes.

1.3 The step 3, to glue the clusters in the box.

before starting to paste false eyelashes on your real eyelashes, to clean your tools first, that is, the eyelash tweezers. To wipe the glue and some stains on them, so as to avoid adhesion during operation, thus affecting the effect and progress of the wearing. Before applying false eyelashes, we can apply false eyelash glue directly to the root of false eyelashes in the box. This method is mainly applicable to the cluster. The dosage of false eyelash glue is not too much, but also can't be too little. It's best not to be more or less. This dosage can be mastered after many experiences according to your actual trying. Wait a moment and let the false eyelash glue dry a little.

Glue the Cluster

When we use false eyelash tweezers to clamp false eyelashes, we should pay special attention to clamping the middle part of false eyelashes with tweezers, so that the glue-brushed bottom will not stick together. If only the tweezers is used to clamp the upper end of false eyelashes, it is very likely that the bottom of eyelashes will merge together due to the stickiness of glue. In this way, it will not have the effect of the original shape, and also it will not be very stable and easy to wear crooked.

Get the Clusters

After finishing the explanation of the preparation for wearing cluster.

We begin to teach where to wear the false eyelashes.

2. What are the best places to put clusters on?

2.1 The first step, to put one cluster of false eyelashes on the upper eyelashes above the middle of the eyeball.

Lift your eyelid and brush your real eyelashes with the root of the glued-cluster. After brushing twice, let go when brushing the third time, and let the false eyelashes stick to the bottom of the real eyelashes.

2.2 The second place to place the cluster is on the outer eye of the pupil.

Use the same method as the first step, brush the lower part of your true eyelashes twice with the bottom of your cluster with glue, and then stick them directly on your true eyelashes at the third time, and let go.

2.3 The third cluster is to place at the direction of the inner pupil.

In this way, the real eyelashes are also brushed with false eyelash glue, so that the real eyelashes and the false eyelashes will stick together and do not fall off, because of the adhesive force of the glue.

The above three positions: the middle position of the pupil and the inner and outer pupil are the most important three places where false eyelashes are placed.

If your eyes are circumferential, add one or two cluster more accordingly.

Places of Cluster wearing

It is worth noting that if the false eyelashes are tilted in the process of being placed on the real eyelashes, or the effect is not good, then take it off and take a brand new false eyelashes again, and re-place them on the eyelashes according to the above steps.

After wearing the false eyelashes of the upper eyelashes, we can use the same method to wear the corresponding false eyelashes of the lower eyelashes.

According to the above steps, a false eyelash suitable for natural makeup will be worn. For upper eyelashes, we suggest putting 3 ~ 4 clusters of false eyelashes; For the lower eyelashes, we suggest putting them in three places. Such a natural and very smart eye makeup is finished.

Final Wearing Effect

We have many styles of cluster eyelashes, if you are interested in, please feel free to check our cluster page, or contact us for catalog

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