Eyelashes Private Labeling

Private Labeling For Your Eyelashes Business

To establish your lashes business, brand would be an important element. No matter small business retailers or big cosmetics chain companies. They all pay an great attention on labeling. In order to supply an effective communication and all-round service of lashes business to our clients, our company provides one-stop shopping service about labeling.

Labeling Ways:
1. Color Printing: various colors are printed on packages by industry printing machine.
2. Golden Stamping: makes the packages having metal feeling, various colors and patterns is available.

Labeling Materials:
1. Paper Boxes                      2. Magnetic Hard Boxes           3. Transparent Plastic Round/ Square Boxes
4. Special-shaped Boxes      5. Stickers                                  6. Eyelashes Tray etc...

Private Labeling Lashes Boxes


1. Customers could provide their own design sketches of box or logo.
2. Customers could use our design sketches if they do not have. Design sketches would be the general patterns we use daily.
3. No MOQ for plastic boxes, no matter for printing or golden-stamping.
4. No MOQ for general soft/hard paper boxes, only for golden-stamping.
Above are just labeling on package, a part of labeling service, we also have another kind of special labeling, it is about lashes! We could design unique lashes based on your idea or sketch. if you are favorite about private labeling, no matter they are about package or lashes, contact us, we will make suggestions for your specific demands.

For More Information about Private Labeling

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