Regular Mink Lashes

Regular mink lashes is the original version of all kinds of mink lashes. Before 3D mink lashes comes out, this kind of mink lashes is always the mainstream in the eyelashes industry. It was the only high-classified eyelashes in the marketplace, compared with other types of lashes at that time. Regular mink lashes is the favorite lashes for makeup artists.

As an eyelashes supplier in China, we know all kinds of lashes in the market. Fonix will be your good lashes business partner, we will recommend new lashes styles to you for your reference, or produce lashes based on your feedback or demands of eyelashes market. Comprehensive production service of eyelashes will be available by us. To cooperate with fonix will reduce the numbers of your other factories, one-stop eyelashes purchasing is provided by us.

Regular Mink Lashes Features website

Regular mink lashes have its own typical features:

  1. Real animal hairs to make the eyelashes
  2. Black cotton band provides the wearers a nice wearing feeling.
  3. The styles are more natural not too heavy and thick.
  4. Daily wearing with light makeup.
  5. Same curling craft makes the eyelashes lightweight feeling.

Regular mink lashes has not 3D effect compared to 3D mink lashes, this is the biggest difference between them. Below are part styles of our regular mink lashes, if want to see all the lashes styles of mink lashes, please feel free contact us. We will send you a whole catalog with best quotation. Besides the abundant eyelashes styles every year will be available, the new lashes meet the popular lashes trend also could be updated immediately to you. Let your lash business could grasp the chance without delay. So contact us ! Tell us your needs or requirements about your lash business, we will supply you a most suitable lashes plan. You tell us your idea, the rest will be handled by us!

Lashes Styles Regular Mink Lashes

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