The Newest Flare Individual Eyelashes in 2022

Flare individual eyelashes
New Cluster Styles 2022

Flare as a common individual lashes has been in market for decades. Each big brands has their own flare lines, if count the small and medium wholesalers' quantity in, the demand of flare in the market is huge. Owing to the COVID-19, the supply of the flare is not stable, can not fully meet the demand, therefore Chinese manufacturers upgrade the flare version.

Old Flare VS New Flare

  1. From the material aspect. The old flare adopts the high-temperature silk as its raw material, this kind of material is used in wigs usually. New flare adopts more softer and lighter silk which is made from PBT as its raw material.
  2. From the craft aspect. The old flare is made by hands 100%, because every flare need to be tied by workers. It has high requirement for labors and takes more time to produce it. New flare is made by semi-hand and semi-machine. This raises the production efficiency.

New Flare Category

  1. Apply the new production craft to combine the cross part of flare together, so as to become the finished product. Like the pictures shows the first flare.
  2. Apply the craft of strip lashes to combine the silk hairs  together to finish the flare. Like the second flare in the picture shows.
  3. Apply the same craft like 2. above, but the combined material is changed to plastic transparent strings. Like the third flare shows in above picture.

New Flare Features

Compared to the old version of flare, new flares are more efficiency. It could meet the demand of market stably and sufficiently. At the same time, the new version of flare itself is more light and comfortable when it applied on our real eyelashes. This feature is determined by its material-PBT fiber. The other nice feature of the new flare is the bottom, is is flat format, not like the old version which is a bond. This little upgrade feature will improve the wearing feeling of users.

Flare Packages

Usually there are two kinds of package in the market. One is packed into plastic box. The each piece of flares is been put in a specific tray for flare, then covered a lid. The other package is to put the whole flares, usually a line of flare with 88 pieces or 100 pieces into a round plastic vessel. Like the Picture below shows.

Flare packages

Our company RONSON lashes has been in eyelashes industry for many years, our mainly products refer to strip lashes, such as 3D mink lashes, 3D silk lashes, regular silk lashes, faux mink lashes etc. Owing to the great demand of cluster this year, and some part of production is overlap to trip lashes, so our company produces those kinds of flares as well. If you need, pls feel free contact us via Email or phone(whatsapp) or view our flare page for more information.

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