What Is 3D Mink Lashes?

3D Mink Lashes features

The invention of 3D mink lashes has created a new field in the false eyelash market and raised the false eyelashes to a higher level. 

Before 2015, most of the eyelashes on the market were ordinary eyelashes. The material is mainly made of chemical fiber and acrylic. There are no high-class eyelashes in the beauty market. Three-D false eyelashes, to be specific, are an upgrade of ordinary eyelashes. They are not only upgraded in terms of technology, but also in terms of material. The original ordinary feeling of false eyelashes in the low-end market has been upgraded to a position in the high-end market.

New creation of 3D mink false eyelashes let the false eyelashes from an affiliate of beauty makeup tool to become a very important beauty makeup tools, become a new domain that initiated false eyelash market. The original false eyelashes because of the quality and style, not so high grade, so people always focus on eye shadow, on the blush, on the eye makeup etc, but pay less attention on the false eyelashes. However since the invention of 3D false eyelashes, people have shifted their attention of eye makeup from eye shadow, eyeliner and so on suddenly transferred to the false eyelashes. Because false eyelashes do more able to show their own charming of the eyes. Even if you don't wear makeup or you wear light makeup, the effect is very good.

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