Where To Buy Best Cheap Lashes?

Want to buy the best cheap lashes? but there are many false eyelash brands in the market, and each lashes brand has many false eyelash styles. All kinds of false eyelashes are displayed in front of you, you may not know how to choose. In this article, we will introduce the classification of false eyelashes and their best-selling styles. I hope that after reading this article, everyone will have a general understanding of false eyelashes so as to help you choose your own false eyelashes.

1. Two Classifications of False Eyelashes

False eyelashes on the market can be divided into semi-mechanism false eyelashes and hand-tied false eyelashes from the production technology.

For example, Ardell brand Wispies, individual lashes, etc. belong to hand-tied false eyelashes.
Lilly lashes are semi-mechanical false eyelashes. No matter what materials or styles they are. For sample: 3D mink lashes, faux mink lashes, etc.
From these two brands and some of their related lash styles, you may have a deeper understanding of the classification of false eyelashes.

Why does the old brand Ardell have a lot of hand-tied false eyelashes besides machine-made false eyelashes, while Lilly lashes are all semi-machine-made false eyelashes? I will talk to you about the origin of false eyelashes later. This problem is closely related to the development of false eyelashes.

2. The Brief Difference Between Hand-tied and semi-machine-made Lashes

Due to the material and technological problems of hand-tied false eyelashes. Her style is generally light and natural. And the typical feature of hand-tied eyelashes is the front end of false eyelashes has no hair tip. So the final use effect is not as elegant and natural as the semi-machine-made false eyelashes.

Because of the wide range of materials, and the technology of production, false eyelashes are also improved a lot compared with hand-tied false eyelashes. and those two reasons lead to their styles being more exaggerated, natural, thickened, and so on. This provides more styles for the market to meet the use requirements of different people and on different occasions.

Although hand-tied false eyelashes existed in the market earlier, there are only a few best-selling styles and a few optional styles. If you wear false eyelashes for the first time and have no concept of how to choose false eyelashes. You can close your eyes and buy the best-selling styles of hand-tied false eyelashes. Start wearing false eyelashes first, and then with the increase in wearing times, you will know more and more about false eyelashes. Then try to choose false eyelashes of different materials and technologies.

Because the best-selling styles are the result of consumers' selection for a long time. And these styles are natural and light, no matter what occasion to wear, no matter what wearing requirements you have, he will not have a big problem.

Of course, there are natural, light, and thin styles in the semi-machine-made false eyelashes, and even a half-eye style is designed. These different false eyelashes are designed to meet the requirements of different makeup groups. This diversity will cause the false eyelash wearers to be dazzled, but they don't know how to choose.

3. For beginner how to choose false eyelashes?

So, my suggestion is, for beauties who have just started wearing false eyelashes, don't try to swim proudly in the world of false eyelashes. You can buy the best-selling styles of hand-tied false eyelashes that can't make mistakes first.

First, practice your proficiency in wearing false eyelashes and improve your awareness of false eyelashes. Then, after you get familiar with false eyelashes later, you can buy semi-machine-made false eyelashes (because he has more styles and richer materials).

You can buy different styles, try to wear them, and then see what the eye makeup effects are displayed by different styles. In this way, with your constant awareness of false eyelashes and the understanding of wearing results, you will become a beauty expert. False eyelashes are a beautiful tool for you to use at will. You can choose different false eyelashes according to different occasions and different makeup requirements.

4. Where can you buy the best cheap lashes?

In the above paragraph, we've learned about two categories of false eyelashes. These two categories have many styles, whether they are hand-tied false eyelashes or semi-machine-made false eyelashes, especially semi-machine-made false eyelashes. Makeup artists will buy different false eyelashes in order to meet different makeup requirements. and wearing false eyelashes for a long time will also make false eyelashes a big expense. So where can you buy cheap and good false eyelashes?

Here I recommend ourselves as your lash supplier! In the false eyelash industry, our company has been deeply involved for nearly 10 years. We are a professional manufacturer of false eyelashes. We mainly produce semi-machine-made false eyelashes, which are made of various materials and styles.

From the semi-finished products to the later finished products, our factory produces them all on our own.

Quality has always been our core control index in the production process.

There is a situation that happened in the lashes business. Many consumers buy a certain false eyelash from a certain brand, they will find that the false eyelashes will be different when they buy the same false eyelashes from the same supplier in different time periods.

This is mainly because the quality of false eyelashes is not well controlled in the production process. Of course, because the production of false eyelashes is done by hand, it will be a little different, but this is not the reason for the poor quality. At the same time, even if there is a difference, it will not be too different, which will lead to obvious differences. The main reason is that some brands have some problems with quality control.

Another situation is the final supplier can't handle lash production by themselves, so the quality of lashes is not stable.

Our company is committed to serving consumers well. and consumers' satisfaction with our lashes is the foundation of our long-term development. Therefore, it is our company's action guide to serve our partners well and active feedback and deal with their market problems.

Welcome customers with OEM needs to contact us. We hope our products are of good quality and cheap at the same time so that consumers can enjoy good products and our partners who sell our products can earn money.

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