Which False Eyelashes Are The Best For Business?

Which false eyelashes are the best for business? Many cosmetic companies and individuals have written related articles to ask similar questions. They listed their best false eyelash styles and corresponding brands for everyone's reference. The articles they wrote are about some recommendations for customers on eyelash styles.

Yet, because we are a lash supplier. We will analyze what lashes are the best to meet the demand of the market. This article will help to understand the lash business deeper especially for commercial customers, importers, wholesalers, or retailers in the beauty industry.

False Eyelashes

Classification and Introduction of Lashes

Before choosing specific styles of false eyelashes for your lash business. The first thing needs to know is your target classifications of false eyelashes.
Only after determining what classifications of false eyelashes you want to sell. Then it is possible for you to choose better styles.
There are thousands of various false eyelash styles that will dazzle you, let alone choose styles from them! That will only make people dizzy and not know how to make choice if you do not have a target!

  1. 3D Mink Lashes

3D mink lashes is the most common classification of lashes in the market at present. Everyone has a high degree of awareness of this classification, and they all know what product it is.

  • Material:

The raw material comes from animal hairs. It is of higher quality and closer to the natural effect. Compared with chemical fiber false eyelashes, the market price will be higher.

  • Market:

3D mink lashes is generally distributed in America and the Middle East. Some of them are sold in Central Asia, South Asia, Oceania, and other places. If your market or your target customers are in those areas. This kind of false eyelash can be considered for inclusion in your sales list.

  • Sub-classification of styles:

3D mink false eyelashes are divided into two kinds:
ordinary length (13-17 mm) and 25 mm length.
Ordinary-length false eyelashes are suitable for daily makeup.
While 25 mm lengthened false eyelashes are generally popular among makeup addicts.

3d mink lashes category of length
  • Note:

Some customers need products with cruelty-free and refuse this kind of false eyelash for the reason of animal protection.
Thus, to add this classification to your sales list, you need to know the most specific requirements of your target local customers!

At the same time, the craft effect and curl degree of the 3D mink lashes will vary in different types. We will write a special article to explain this product knowledge later.

The above is the basic knowledge of 3D mink lashes for business customers need to know. The more you know them, the better you will sell them. 3D mink lashes is the main force in the high-end market, a must-have product that needs to focus on linking them. We suggest as per the local customer's situation that you could increase or decrease its share of the listing correspondingly. But it must appear in the list of false eyelash business products!

Based on the different needs of target groups of commercial customers. Our factory can provide customized production services. We strive to better meet the local customer needs of commercial customers. You could contact us and tell us your requirements. If you don't know which one you need, describe your thoughts on the false eyelash business to us. We will provide some solutions and give you suggestions according to your situation.

  1. Silk Lashes

  • Style sub-classification:

Silk lashes from the craft aspect can be divided into three subdivisions:

One is silk lashes with ordinary effect.
From the text, it can be known that the craft of this kind of silk lash is the most common. And it is a false eyelash that has existed in the market for a long time; It is also been called synthetic lashes.

Regular Synthetic Lashes

The second is 3D silk lashes with a multi-layer effect.

This is an updated version of the production technology of silk lashes that has become popular a few years ago. This false eyelash makes the wearing effect and curls more natural. This kind of false eyelash conforms to the characteristics of the multi-layer growth of human real eyelashes. so it is more realistic for makeup;

3D Silk Lashes

The third is super-fluffy silk lashes with explosive layers.

The hair of this kind of lash has more layers. Its effect is more exaggerated. It is usually used in false eyelashes with a lengthened length of more than 25 mm. But some customers need to process regular silk lashes with explosive effects especially.

Super-flufy Silk Lashes
  • Material:

The materials of silk lashes can be roughly divided into two kinds.
One is chemical fiber, usually called PBT. The other is high-temperature silk.

Chemical fibers are generally divided into three kinds. Domestic fibers, domestic production with imported raw materials, and pure imported fibers.
These three fibers are mainly used in the production of silk lashes.

High-temperature silk is another commonly raw material, mainly used in hand-tied false eyelashes. Because the processing craft is "hand-tied". It means this raw material is strong and thick, not as soft and thin as the previous material.

High-temperature Fiber Idividual Cluster Lashes
  • Length:

Silk lashes are the same as 3D mink lashes, with the regular style being 13-17 mm and the long style being 25-30 mm.

According to the needs of their target customer groups. Some customers need to customize some styles which are different from the styles that already existed in the current market. Such as half-eye false eyelashes, lower eyelashes, and so on.

Owing to the article length and the different requirements among customized processing customers. If you have ideas about the false eyelashes business or customization needs. Welcome to contact us, and we will give you suggestions based on your demands.

  • Market:

Silk lashes are the most common false eyelash classification all over the world. It has no taboos or precautions. Silk lashes are the main product in the low-end market. And it is an indispensable necessary product line in the false eyelash business as well. There are makeup people, silk lashes will appear in their makeup toolbox!

  1. Cluster lashes

This kind of false eyelashes is a product line that has become popular in the market recently. Its first processing time originated around 2019. At that time only a few of makeup artists would customize such false eyelashes. With market development, cluster lashes have become an increasing trend year by year. There is the new name for this kind of new cluster lashes is ribbon individual lashes.

  • Material:

At present, the main raw material of cluster lashes is chemical fibers. Mink hairs as raw material are also available. Compared with chemical fibers, the share is very small.

In the past, cluster lashes were mainly with knots and with no knots. and they were hand-made with a few styles, such as triple clusters, and single clusters. Now cluster lash styles are been enriched.

Ribbon Individual Lashes
  • Market:

Because of the material, there is no sales taboo, and all markets are suitable. Because it is a new trend of false eyelashes. It is suggested to select a small number of styles for different personnel to choose from.

  • Note:

The only thing to pay attention to is that because the cluster lashes are slightly different from the strip lashes. It requires higher wearing skills and makeup skills for false eyelashes.

Generally speaking, now makeup artists and senior makeup lovers will use it more. But it will be more popular when personnel has learned how to wear it in the later stage.

The above three false eyelash categories are the best-selling categories in the market. 3D mink lashes mainly focus on the middle and high-end markets. Silk lashes mainly focus on the middle and low-end markets. and cluster lashes, are the new trend of false eyelashes in recent years and the future.

If your false eyelash business has those types of product lines, it can cover most customer needs.

Lash Styles

We have discussed the categories of false eyelashes just now. We will further discuss the best-selling lash styles for each category. and give you reference styles to choose from.

  1. 3D Mink Lashes Styles

According to different eye makeup requirements, makeup artists will choose different styles.

The following are summed up the best-selling styles. As per the statistics of the sales of my company's products.

3D mink lashes styles
  1. Silk Lashes Styles

Since there are more silk lash styles than 3D mink lashes. We will show some of them for reference. Customers who want to see all catalogs can contact us.

  1. Cluster Lashes Styles

Cluster lashes are developed from customized styles. So popular hot-selling styles have not yet appeared. We will list several relatively good styles for your reference


By understanding the classification of false eyelashes, you will have a basic understanding of the whole of lashes. You can better choose the false eyelash styles which are suitable for your false eyelash business, according to the local market and local customers.

Our company-Ronson specializes in producing false eyelashes for nearly ten years. We have skilled experience in the production of false eyelashes. We have a good understanding of the market trend of false eyelashes. and we have good cooperation with customers' demand feedback. If you have any questions about the false eyelash business or products, please contact us.

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